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Thank you for your interest in HamRecycling:
We have become a large leader in electronic reuse and recycling solutions. We offer a large amount of options, solutions for IT asset disposition, electronic recycling programs for companies and individuals.

Please find many ways to contact us.

We offer various ways to contact us to accomidate you.

Choose emails, phone, and many other options to contact us.


Please contact us by phone, email or live chat when operating.

  • +01 (877) 322 4277
  • +01 (877) 322 4277

    Hours of Operation:

    Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
    Saturday 10am - 2pm
    Sunday CLOSED





    Please feel free to send us mail, we will try to assist the best way to accomidate a visit.

    Our emails are answered 24/7 when we are able.

    Warehouse Facility Visitations:

    Visitations are arranged by appointment only, please use our appointment form to schedule a visit.



  • Our emails are answered 24/7 when we are able.

    Our Support Team Is Here for You:

    Partnerships, longterm is up most importatnt to our company.




    Our Facilities & Affiliate, Intermodel Locations

    • Location Connections (Click Here)
      • Facilities & Connections
    • Intermodel Locationss (Click Here)
      • Intermodel Facilities & Connection with Intermodel services. We connect with over 50 locations, facilities providing services to customer transfers of shipmnents, customer pickups.




    more of our resources
    • Inventory & Storage

      New facility locations, connections, offering larger warehouse space for inventory.

    • Donation & Collection

      Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

    • Sea Freight & Transportation

      We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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