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Ham Recycling will show full management and provides companies and clients full certificates of recycle as equipment is collected.

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  • Collection material licenses used
    • We accept all types of material of donation. The easiest way to donate is to fill out our pickup form. Simply fill out our form, include what material needs to be collected. select if we need to pickup and transport the material. Include if you will be sending the material of your shipping. Our donation pickup form is located
  • Material licences used for processing material
    • What material do you collect? We collect any types of electronic materials. Computers, computer related, printers, scanners, tvs, computer hardware. For a full list of material we collect, please see our pickup form located
  • Certificates we use to process material
    • Yes, we purchase material in large liquidations. We purchase material off lease, or business needing liquidation. Please contact us with the material you are looking to sell.
  • Certificates used to sell & export material
    • There are several ways to buy material from us. 1. You can go to our online store, locate the material you would like to purchase. Click on the item, at the bottom is a contact form. We will reply with quantity and current prices. 2. You can purchase from us directly by sending us a form. You can request material from our contact us for. we will respond with current bulk prices and quantities.



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  • Inventory & Storage

    New facility locations, connections, offering larger warehouse space for inventory.

  • Donation & Collection

    Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

  • Sea Freight & Transportation

    We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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