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Our purchasing process includes many options for buyers

  • Please locate material you wish to purchase (Click Here)
    • Buyers can find many ways to locate material to purchase. Buyers can locate our material for sale on various websites located on the internet. We list our material on many marketplaces including Craigslist, ebay and more. We list our material on many B2B platforms. You may locate some of our lists on platforms to the left hand side. Buyers can also purchase material by or in
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    • We offer many different types of material for sale. Buyers can purchase smaller items on marketplaces we have listed. These platforms allow many differnt options. Buyers can choose to also purchase or large or bulk or individual orders.
  • Inform us to discuss payment methods, as well as terms and conditions (Click Here)
    • Buyers can contact us to agree on and terms and condition. Buyers who wish to purchase large orders, we offer many options. To purchase, we issue a invoice, the invoice will incolude buyers info, material, cost, as well as terms and conditions. Buyers can see our options, through various .
  • After complete, we will inform of shipping information (Click Here)
    • After buyers have completed payment, for more info on payment see - and agreed on terms and conditions. After the invoice is complete, we begin shipping the buyers purchase. Buyers can choose from our various shipping options, for transportation information - information. We ship in various ways, ranging from main carriers USPS, FEDEX, UPS, DHL for smaller items. For large containers we ship, demoestic, we use larger carriers include SWIFT, ABF and many more. For a list of our demestic services we use, please see our information. Buyers are offered options to pickup material by skids or container loads. Buyers who want to arrange pickup or FOB, we use intermodel transport. Intermodel transport, we arrange pickup, transport and storage for buyers easy pickup. We use many different services of intermodel transport including railway transport, storage in over 30 diferent locations to save buyers cost of transportation. To read more about intermodel transport, please see several we choose to use for service. Buyers who purchase internationally, we offer for largers containers sea Freight transport, please see . Buyers are offered other transportation options of smaller quantity of skid with rail way transport of , please see the links for more information.
  • Please see our FAQ for more information on questions (Click Here)
    • For more questions and answers to buyers questions, please see our frequently asked questions FAQ, see our FAQ here.



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  • Inventory & Storage

    New facility locations, connections, offering larger warehouse space for inventory.

  • Donation & Collection

    Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

  • Sea Freight & Transportation

    We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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