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Please fill out our request for material pickup to schedule a pickup appointment. We will place you on our current calender schedule.

Full List Of Material We Collect ( Click To Expand )

  • Computer Hardware(Click Here)
    • Power Supply Scrap, Desktop, Tower PC Scrap, CRT Monitor Scrap, CDRom, DVD, Floppy Scrap, Motherboards, Mainboards Scrap, Laptop, Notebook Scrap, Computer Accessory Card Scrap, CPU (Ceramic +) Scrap, CPU Slot Card Scrap, Printers, Scanners, Ram, Memory Scrap, Hard Drive, HDD Board Scrap, Aluminum Heat Sinks, Fans, Minnie Boards Scrap, Printer Ink Cartridge Scrap, Scrap Keyboards, Computer Plastics, Computer Servers
  • Electronic Materials(Click Here)
    • Whole Tv's, Audio Stereos,TESTED Tool Equipment, New & Scrap Micro SD Cards, Cable, Wire Scrap, LCD Monitor Scrap, Scrap Electronic Equipment, TESTED Electronic Equipment, TV Plastic Scrap, Untested Mobile Phone No Batteries Scrap, TESTED Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Scrap, Mobile Phone Accessories Scrap, Television, TV Scrap, Audio, Video Equipment Scrap, Power Adapters, VGA Monitor Cables
  • Miscellaneous(Click Here)
    • Scrap Flatware and Silverware, Watches & Jewlery Surplus, Fitness & Exercise Equipment, DVD Movies,CDs Bulk Sales, Software, CDRom Scrap, Education Software Scrap, Office Material Scrap, Scrap Costume Jewlery, Mens & Women Accessories
  • Scrap Forklifts & Misc Scrap Metal(Click Here)
    • Yes, we do collect scrap forklifts, vehicles, if we can not collect the vehicles, we will cordinate with a affiliate to collect the vehicle.

We accept all types of material of donation. The easiest way to donate is to fill out our pickup form. Simply fill out our form, include what material needs to be collected. select if we need to pickup and transport the material. Include if you will be sending the material of your shipping.




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  • Inventory & Storage

    New facility locations, connections, offering larger warehouse space for inventory.

  • Donation & Collection

    Our in stream of electronic material is collected various ways

  • Sea Freight & Transportation

    We are offering many services now to assist with transporting material

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